Epitapth examples

At Rest


Rest In Peace (R.I.P.)

Requiescat in Pace (singular)

Requiescat in Pace (plural)

Called to rest

Rest after weariness

Our loved one at rest

At rest in Gods garden

Resting where no shadows fall

A patient sufferer at rest

His / Her valiant spirit rests

Sleep on now and take eternal rest

Always remembered

Always loved, Loved forever

Remembered with love

Constantly loved, ever remembered

Loves last gift; Remembrance

Our loved one

In loving memory

Fond memories

Treasured memories

Treasured memories of a dear …..

Memories never fade

Forever in our hearts

Forever with the Lord

Always in our hearts

Forever in our thoughts

Peace perfect peace

Peace after suffering

Sleeping peacefully

Peacefully sleeping

Sleeping where no shadows fall

In Gods care

In Gods garden

Thy will be done

The Lord is my shepherd

Mum and Dad re-united

Til we meet again

Very sadly missed

In heavens love abiding

Safe in the arms of Jesus

God will link the broken chain

Another Angel in Heaven

A long day closes

A good race run

Beyond the sunset

Looking sunward, shadows fall behind

Life and love know no end

Love beyond life

So mote it be

Loved and remembered always

So dearly loved, so sadly missed

The gates of memory never close

Gods greatest gift; Remembrance

Gone Fishin’

To the world he was but one
to me he was the world

Memory is the treasure
And guardian of all things

Death is the golden key
that opens the palace of eternity

Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God

God will link the broken chain
Closer when we meet again

To live in the hearts of
those we love is not to die.

Only where the heart is
can treasure be found

Sleep undisturbed dear one
within this peaceful shrine

Our loving thoughts attend you
on your new adventure

In Gods care she rests above
In our hearts she rests with love

Those we love don’t fade away
they walk beside us every day

How lucky am I to have had someone
that saying goodby is so hard

They only could unlock the gates
of heaven to let him in

Your memory is our greatest treasure
to love and keep in our hearts forever

Without a goodbye you went to sleep
Memories of you are ours to keep

Two smiling eyes at rest
God broke our hearts to prove
He only takes the best

Words are few, thoughts are deep
Memories of you will forever keep
Loving memories always

You had a smile for everyone
You had a heart of gold
You left the sweetest memories
This world could ever hold

God gave us the gift of love
Someone special to love
He only lends
Sleep Peacefully

God saw how your footsteps faltered
How the pathway had grown to steep
So He closed your weary eyelids
And gave you sleep

God sent His angels full of grace
and gently touched your tired face
No words we write could ever say
How sad and empty we feel today

We didn’t see you close your eyes
We didn’t hear you sigh
We only heard that you were gone
Without a last goodbye

Time wont heal the heartache
Or stop the silent tear
Or dim the precious memories
Of a Dad I loved so dear

No words I write could ever say
how sad and empty I feel today
a friendly smile, a heart of gold
no finer mother this world will hold.

A tender thought brings a tear
a silent wish that you were here
without good bye you went to sleep
precious memories are ours to keep

To us you were someone special
there is nothing more to say
we only wish with all our hearts
that you were here with us today

How lucky was I and very proud too
to have a wonderful father like you
today, tommorrow, my whole life through
I will always be thankful my father was you.

God saw that you were weary
the hill too steep to climb
so he gently closed your eyes<
and whispered “peace be thine”

Silent thoughts of times together
hold memories that will last forever

God knew that you were weary
so he did what He thought best
He put his arms around you
and took you home to rest.

You never dream the day will come
when she will go away
God went gathering roses
for his beautiful garden of rest
He paused beside my Nana
and said “I only take the best”