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Multi line line : Page 5

Time wont heal the heartache
Or stop the silent tear
Or dim the precious memories
Of a Dad I loved so dear

No words I write could ever say
how sad and empty I feel today
a friendly smile, a heart of gold
no finer mother this world will hold.

A tender thought brings a tear
a silent wish that you were here
without good bye you went to sleep
precious memories are ours to keep

To us you were someone special
there is nothing more to say
we only wish with all our hearts
that you were here with us today

How lucky was I and very proud too
to have a wonderful father like you
today, tommorrow, my whole life through
I will always be thankful my father was you.

God saw that you were weary
the hill too steep to climb
so he gently closed your eyes<
and whispered "peace be thine"

Silent thoughts of times together
hold memories that will last forever

God knew that you were weary
so he did what He thought best
He put his arms around you
and took you home to rest.

You never dream the day will come
when she will go away
God went gathering roses
for his beautiful garden of rest
He paused beside my Nana
and said "I only take the best"

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