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Verse - Goodbye

Where do I begin
To say my last goodbye.
To be strong in my sorrow
To stifle back the cry.

The memories you have left behind
Give me purpose to move on.
But still I linger sadly
Realising you have gone.

You have meant so much to all of us,
Each in a special way.
You have taught us love and gentleness,
To be humble, to kneel and to pray.

To Grandma, you were a husband
With love so deep and sound.
You openly declared your luck
In the treasure you had found.

To your always precious children
You were the greatest dad of all.
And of course they had no faults
Or none that you could recall.

Through suffering you prepared us
In the things you'd do and say
Giving each of us a special message
To cherish every day.

We are privileged to have had you
For so many precious years.
Now go home to rest in Heaven
And leave us to our tears

Good bye Grandpa - - We all love you.

Author - Adapted from original composed by Gaye Young.

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